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Infant Pram Sheepskin Rug Natural
Infant Pram Sheepskin Rug Natural

Infant Pram Sheepskin Rug Natural




Made of genuine sheepskin, the naturally soft wool fibers comfort and soothe babies, just what baby needs on the go.

Sourced from the high country farms of Australia and New Zealand, Auskin sheepskins are carefully selected for their quality and texture. With a lightly padded quilted back, and edges finished in a natural cream-coloured fabric piping.

Natural sheepskin fibre really is incredible, no man?made fibres can deliver the all-encompassing benefits:

  • Comforting - soft wool fibres comfort and soothe babies.
  • Versatile - perfect for use in the car or stroller, at the park, or on the floor to keep baby feeling cosy and secure wherever he or she goes.
  • Naturally regulates heat - keep baby warm and comfortable in winter, natural wool fibres absorb excess moisture keeping baby dry and comfortable even in the heat of summer.
  • Wicks moisture away from the body
This Sheepskin Pram Insert features :
  • Measures : 70 x 30cm
  • Carefully made with one large slit and three slits on each side for an easy fit
  • Colour : Natural

Infant Pram Sheepskin Rug Natural